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    Notes to myself as I build the site:

Born to Write

My first poem at age 10  – NPR’s Poetry Slam – 1st Place in the adult’s section

English Teacher, PS 99 NY, Mrs. Robinson calls me plagiarist- short story – Ended up good – I did write it, she just couldn’t believe that I was able to do this – I was a terrible student but a great writer — Age 12

How my published writing allows me to write Technical works that are easy to understand etc. down to earth technical

How I write technical manuals – The Process – The first questions are – Who am I writing for – who is my audience – What is my client trying to say to this audience – Is there a certain format to be followed – Should i use tool Like PageMaker or InDesign  or what is customer is using?-  Will video or other media enhance the project – Of course time – when deliverables are needed,  and mone, hourly rate – In-house or from home with weekly visits to the company etc. —

process — getting started – Typically the first week, as I’m writing I’m getting up to speed on the product – need to have hands on the software/hardware plus engineering assist to get up to speed fast– Then need to have access to engineering ask questions to engineer during process – Weekly in-person status progress reports — show and discus get direction and then move forward


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