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Each testimonial  video directs a targeted message to your prospects showing them how their competitors use your software to save time and money while delivering quality results.

Trade Show Customer Audio & Video Interviews
A neat marketing idea that strengthens your bond with customers

Early in the new millennium, a light bulb popped on over my head while manning our booth at a trade show.  We sold advertising and editorial exposure on our technical websites. and meeting directly with our customers at trade shows was critical.

I decided that we could do something for our customers at these shows that would benefit them while strengthening our bond.  At first, the idea was to walk from booth to booth and do audio interviews in our customer’s booths and then post the interviews on our website. This was okay, but not great.

Eureka!  Video in our booth would be the solution and this is how it worked.  Sanjay, our VP and I set up a green screen in our small 10×10 booth and invited our customers to come to our “studio” at pre-booked times.   We set up a flimsy tripod, mounted a consumer grade video camera on it and started shooting.  This was a big success!   Our customers enjoyed talking about their products, and the finished video was given to them for posting on their site, was posted on our site, and on YouTube.  This additional free coverage benefited both of us. And our customers made sales because of it, and we, in turn, sold more exposure on our site.  A real Win-Win!!

IMTS Show Interview - Blake Courter, Director, SpaceClaim


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