I must have had a good Reason

I composed the top nine songs below using Reason music synthesis software.  Below these, in the red section, are tunes I composed or played using real instruments.  I studied and played classical piano, and now play the harmonica it’s just, well  … fun!

Let Me Create Customized Music For Your Projects!

I’ve created the background music for my video projects and can create customized music tracks for your projects too.  Just let me know how we can work together!

‘I Look Out My Window’

I composed this song for a musical play I’ve been writing.  The musical is about a young Isreali girl in love with a  Palestinian boy.  In this song, the girl looks longingly out her window towards her lover’s Palestinian village.

Piano played by my eternal friend, David Evison.

Practicing Harmonica With Junior

I play background harmonica along with the late, great Junior Wells … my hero!  This was just practiced for me, and I repeat the phrasing over and over again.  In performance, I am much more judicious.

Jam’n with David Evison

In this short impromptu jam session I play harmonica while David Evison accompanies me on the piano.