Case Studies

I’ve visited more than 30 companies across the country to video interview manufacturing industry leaders.  After each interview I do the video post-production work, then write and produce case studies to accompany each video.



Every video production ships with a professionally written, and composed case study.

  • I deliver my writting either as a simple MS word doc with embeded images,  or a fully  designed and layedout brochure using InDesign, photoshop and other Adobe tools.
  • For Video post production I use:
    • Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Media Encoder.


5th Axis , Inc.

Produced for Open Mind Thechnologies, Inc., This recent video and its accompanying case study are typical of the assets I deliver.


5th Axis, Inc.
(For Open Mind Technologies, Inc.)

Urschel Laboratories
(For Open Mind Technologies, Inc.)

MR Mold, Inc.
(For Open Mind Technologies, Inc.)

West Coast Surgical
(For SolidCAM, Inc.)

Greg Burns
Founder and President, Burns Machinery

Burns Machinery
(For Dassault Systemes – SolidWorks/SolidCAM)
Note:  I did not write this Case Study – However, Dassault Systemes used my video and initial write-up, with permission, as source material for their article.

My first draft: Burns Machinery