Technical Manuals

1991 – 1992:  After writing the Synopsys VHDL Synthesis and Simulation manuals as a contractor, I was hired full-time by VIEWlogic.  – (I am looking for my copies of the Synopsys manuals  and will post them as soon as they’re found.)

1992 -1993:  I worked for Viewlogic for two years, and wrote their: VIEWSynthesis, Simulation, Test, and VML Developer User Guides.  I also mentored and managed their Freemont facility’s writing staff.

1994 – 2015:  – I founded Internet Business Systems, Inc.  in 1994 and was president for 21 years through 2015.  In additon to managing and being my company’s  ‘visionary’ I also wrote all the marketing and technical  material.   After leaving IBSystems, I started HTS Creative and am currently doing writing and videography contract work and also create and sell my custom artwork.

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ViewTest User’s Guide
530 Pages – Read it!

VML Developers Guide
330 Pages – Read it!