FPV Piloting Experience

This is a placeholder page for my First Person Viewer (FPV Viewer) Product

I will be adding a photo of the viewer, and be listing its features, which include … Made with super strong poly-carbonate material – folds flat for easy storage and will fit easily into a drone’s carrying case etc.  I will also do a video to demonstrate the product.

FPV Viewer

FPV Viewer lets you enjoy a true first person piloting experience.  The viewer puts you in the pilot seat.  You look out the cockpit’s window as you fly, and  when you look down the drone’s camera goes down with you and when you look up the camera goes up.

Your smart phone mounts inside the viewer to block sunlight and immerse you in a first person flying experience.

Here’s what you’d see if you were wearing FPV Viewer as you flew this drone.